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real gold for real love

Personal silhouette charms made from gold
Handmade Jewelry - Woman with golden silhouette pendant in her hands

The combination of art, golden memories & real love.

Handmade Jewelry - Woman with golden silhouette pendant on chair
Handmade Jewelry - Woman with golden silhouette pendant made from recycled gold
The combination of art, golden memories & real love.

Personalised jewellery from KONTERFEY is as individual as jewellery can be - a reflection of our loved ones. It is something that you don't offer every day which therefore turns this gift into something very special.

Since 2010, Harriet Bosse has been hand-cutting and -producing precise, artistic silhouettes and with her love of detail she has already delighted countless customers worldwide.

These handmade works of art are also available as wearable gold pieces in the form of necklaces and bracelets. In close cooperation with a traditional goldsmith, Harriet Bosse creates a unique piece exclusively for you which tells your very own story.


Let's put it this way:

In a world where everything is constantly changing and nothing is permanent – our connection to one another endures.
Even if we sometimes argue, are disappointed and in doubt.
Even if we would like to send each other into outta space only to then lie blissfully in each other's arms again.
Even if you've been gone for a long time and can't be close to me anymore...
Even if we won't see each other for a long time or just decide to spend our lives together or simply because you are my most precious thing – my child – and I want to carry you with me forever.
We believe that human connections are the true foundation of our lives.

KONTERFEY reminds us that we love each other, how important our friendship is, how long our relationship has grown and that we always remain a part of each other - even in difficult times. Because old love does not rust. And neither do our jewellery.



Silhouette pendant - Petite

Silhouette pendant - Grande

Silhouette pendant - Animal Petite

Silhouette pendant - Animal Grande

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Silhouette Pendant – Petite - Konterfey - Handmade Jewellery

Delicate and exclusive - the smaller version of our silhouette pendant.

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Unobtrusive and undeniably beautiful - the larger version of our silhouette pendant.

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Silhouette Pendant – Animal - Konterfey - Handmade Jewellery

Unique and enduring – the animal version of our silhouette pendant.

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The animal version grande of our silhouette pendant.

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Any questions or suggenstions?
Any questions or suggenstions? Don't hesitate to contact us!
Handmade Jewelry - Two girls with golden silhouette pendants of an animal
Handmade Jewelry - Golden silhouette pendant of a child


Harriet Bosse, the founder of KONTERFEY and Louicito, is an artist who since 2010 has dedicated herself to the traditional art of cutting paper from images. In a personal conversation, the emotions and intimate stories behind the photos are brought to life to make the images more than just copies of the original. 

Finely crafted and adapted to each customer's personality - it is clear why this combination has brought Harriet an international community.

More about KONTERFEY and Harriet Bosse can be found here.


I am so thankful for this wonderful pendant that will be with me for the rest of my life. I can recognize my child so well!


The package arrived yesterday and yesterday evening I gave the necklace to my girlfriend! I adored it so much that I didn't want to wait any longer. My girlfriend was totally excited and was very happy! Thank you for the quick and incredibly beautiful implementation!


Dear Harriet, even though it's been a few weeks, I just wanted to tell you that we were again very happy with your necklace. The bride cried with joy and the groom was also very enthusiastic and commented on the gift: Yes, from now on you'll always have me around your neck! 😄.

It was just a pleasure to give as a gift!


Thank you very much. I'm looking forward to the next picture and ideas will follow! Certainly a second gold head from child no. 2. :-) You are doing a great job!! Thanks!!!




KONTERFEY manufactures handmade and personalised pieces of jewellery made of real gold (14k & 18k): The KONTERFEY silhouette pendant is an image of real love.

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After you have sent us several photos of the desired image, we will start shaping it. After an initial feedback from your side, the template can then be passed on to our goldsmiths.

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The delivery time is approximately 3 weeks. After we have mutually agreed on a delivery date, we will post your precious goods immediately by an insured jewellery courier.

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