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Harriet Bosse - Konterfey

About Us

Personalised jewellery at its best!

Traditional craftsmanship paired with tailor-made individuality.

Since 2010, Harriet Bosse, founder of KONTERFEY, has been cutting the classic paper cuts by hand for customers from all over the world. The bespoke gold silhouette pendant has quickly become one of the most popular items as it combines the highest standards of traditional craftsmanship with 14k and 18k gold.

How does it work?

Love in all its forms is the most beautiful jewel.

Harriet cuts the silhouette design out of paper in a classic way with small silhouette scissors, always based on the respective artwork. The paper- cut will then be finalised in consultation with you, modified and unique features added if necessary. 

Only after your positive feedback our goldsmiths start working on the finished silhouette and create a precious gold pendant for you. 

Each piece is original. The overwhelming feedback from hundreds of customers speaks for our quality and attention to detail.

„i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart) i am never without it (anywhere i go you go, my dear..)“

E.E. Cummings


KONTERFEY manufactures handmade and personalised pieces of jewellery made of real gold (14k & 18k): The KONTERFEY silhouette pendant is an image of real love.

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After you have sent us several photos of the desired image, we will start shaping it. After an initial feedback from your side, the template can then be passed on to our goldsmiths.

More about the creation process


The delivery time is approximately 3 weeks. After we have mutually agreed on a delivery date, we will post your precious goods immediately by an insured jewellery courier.

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