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Personalized jewellery in our store - Konterfey

Personalised jewellery

KONTERFEY's personalised jewellery is art that can be experienced and worn - made with the finest craftsmanship.

All of our pieces are made of either 14k or 18k gold and are modelled on your appearance. The artist, Harriet Bosse, will create an image of the desired silhouette based on your template and in close consultation with you - this will result in your KONTERFEY made of real gold.

Please find out in detail how our manufacturing process and the creation of the paper-cut works.

Individuality and the stories associated with the pieces of jewellery are our top priority! That's why we offer only a few different types of jewellery to focus on the essential and the personal.

On request, we can of course discuss anything that is a little out of the ordinary.

If possible, we are happy to accommodate special requests.

Please contact us directly.

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KONTERFEY manufactures handmade and personalised pieces of jewellery made of real gold (14k & 18k): The KONTERFEY silhouette pendant is an image of real love.

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After you have sent us several photos of the desired image, we will start shaping it. After an initial feedback from your side, the template can then be passed on to our goldsmiths.

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The delivery time is approximately 3 weeks. After we have mutually agreed on a delivery date, we will post your precious goods immediately by an insured jewellery courier.

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