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Konterfey X Bondolos Limited Edition

We are delighted with our limited edition, which was developed through a collaboration with the amazing artist Mandy Berwanger von Bondolos.

Konterfey colours meet handcrafted soulmade pottery here.

Bondolos and Konterfey represent individuality, craftsmanship, attention to detail, and love towards individuals.

Find the limited collection from Konterfey X Bondolos here
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Mandy Berwanger crafts stunning vases, dishes, bowls, and planters in a combination of natural tones and brilliant colours. Her pieces are all created in her studio in Hamburg's Schanzenviertel, where she also teaches ceramic workshops.
The combination of genuine, handcrafted gold jewellery and everyday decor makes our hearts beat faster.

The exclusive Konterfey X Bondolos collection, which is restricted to only a few pieces, may be found here.

A bowl for storing your Konterfey jewellery.

If you (for once) don't keep your loved ones close to your heart, you deserve a special place! And where better to display your portrait jewellery than in one of these unique ceramic pieces of art?

After you check out, a little surprise awaits everyone who buys a Limited Collection bowl.

Find the limited collection from KonterfeyXBondolos here

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KONTERFEY manufactures handmade and personalised pieces of jewellery made of real gold (14k & 18k): The KONTERFEY silhouette pendant is an image of real love.

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After you have sent us several photos of the desired image, we will start shaping it. After an initial feedback from your side, the template can then be passed on to our goldsmiths.

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The delivery time is approximately 3 weeks. After we have mutually agreed on a delivery date, we will post your precious goods immediately by an insured jewellery courier.

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